topo oblique and plan views

oblique view

vertical view

If you are in the early stages of a project, an outline survey can be very useful for general planning. Is your site big enough for the planned development? Can you get minimum access widths or turning circles? Are those fences really parallel, as appears to be the case to the naked eye? Knowing the answers to these questions straight away will reduce time wasted producing schemes which will not work. They may even result in you not buying a piece of land in the first place.

If you are working around remaining structures or features then a full survey will be more appropriate. We take great care to ensure our surveys show a true reflection of your site. We look at the shape of the ground and survey accordingly, so the end result is a good interpretation of the original.

Seeing how the site fits into the surrounding area can also aid planning. Depending on the site, aerial imagery may be used to create the survey in stages. A scale orthophoto showing the area provides an initial outline with accurate levels. Further information can be extracted from the same initial imagery to provide detailed survey at a later stage, perhaps with added ground survey to complete critical areas.

During our survey we install good, reliable, discreet control for future use. Our permanent points will normally remain until destroyed by construction works; meaning contractors can easily link back to our original survey when completing their works.

Back in the office we spend time reviewing the product to make sure it really represents the site surveyed. All our office processsing will be carried out by a member of the site survey team, meaning all checks are carried out by someone who has personal experience of your site.

"We look at the shape of the ground and survey accordingly, so the end result is a good interpretation of the original."

We ensure that covers are shown to the right size, in the right place and orientated correctly. We present clear drawings, making sure there are sufficient annotations and that there aren't any overwrites obscuring information.