Lease and tenancy plans

New Eldon Square

Traditionally little more than a width and a length gave an area sufficiently accurate for rental and rating purposes. Nowadays, meeting the prospective tenant's requirement for area, headroom and flatness of floor means there is an increasing need to provide an accurate survey of properties together with areas calculated to the Code of Measuring Practice.

Quite often the tenant stated requirements conflict with one or more of the various standards, which will also be quoted within the same requirements. This is not always apparent on first reading of the documents and it is often the surveyor who has to highlight this conflict and suggest an appropriate solution.

Where major refurbishment or new build has taken place and there is a tenant or property owner requirement for floor flatness, we would always suggest that a full as-built survey is undertaken. The amount of additional work over the floor and area survey is relatively small and it ensures there is an accurate record of the structure, before fitting out commences. After a period of several refits, it is almost impossible to obtain an accurate survey of the original structure, thus an as-built record can prove invaluable when any major changes are contemplated in the future. It can also be used to identify unapproved changes made by tenants.

The extension to Eldon Square in Newcastle is a typical example of this kind of work, where a rolling programme of survey followed the contractor's progress and provided a record as soon as each unit was complete. Tenants therefore had a fully accurate record from which to commence their shopfitting.