Dimensional surveys

For many purposes a full survey is not required; only specific dimensions are needed. These will normally be critical lengths or clearances.

Typical of critical lengths are swimming pools. Although there is a positive tolerance (the pool may be slightly longer than the nominal length), the completed pool cannot be shorter if it is to be used for competition swimming. Naturally, finding this out after the pool is complete is less than satisfactory.

SCS work closely with contractors through all stages of a pool construction, starting at the planning stage to ensure all aspects of the construction are geared to keep tolerances within bounds. Checks at each stage of building the pool walls and review of the proposed methods minimise any remedial works. Past projects include 50 metre international pools at locations such as London, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Typical of critical clearances are proposed refurbishments where there is a need to ensure that the existing structural framework will have room to take the proposed new work, prior to demolitions and rebuilding. A centimetre short on a layout which is already at the limits might mean a row of seats less in a cinema. The loss of revenue which that implies over 10 years is very substantial and may make a significant difference to the lease value of the property.

Dimensional surveys also cover alignment work, such as setting up collation units for printing telephone directories. With cut paper travelling at high speeds along conveyors, there is ample opportunity for a spectacular snowstorm if the machine alignments are not perfect.

With dimensional surveys, it is not just the ability to take measurements which is needed; there also has to be a good understanding of the process being undertaken by the customer. Quite often an independent viewpoint can identify significant savings in the proposed activity.

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