Buildings, old and new

elevation, orthophoto and linework

Our surveys of buildings are carried out using a full surveyed control framework. Rather than measure up each room and join them together like jigsaw pieces (assuming the common walls are parallel and of equal thickness), we fix each surveyed room to a properly measured network which links through the whole building. Thus you can be certain of the absolute relationship between any points in any part of the building. Modern buildings might well lend themselves to the assumed right angle approach. Old buildings rarely do and fully controlled survey often throws up anomalies which would probably go undetected in simple measured distance surveys.

Taking the techniques we have adopted for creating accurate ground models from imagery obtained using SUA (small unmanned aircraft) and applying these to terrestrial photography, building facade elevations can quickly be produced with a high degree of accuracy. It is much easier to correctly depict detail which is not visible from conventional ground survey methods, since elevating a camera is much simpler than raising a survey instrument to height.

"Our surveys of buildings are carried out using a full surveyed control framework."

The photography generally captures far more detail than is required, but the subsequent selection can be carried out in the office rather than limiting collection on site. The process is much more amenable to later changes in requirement than conventional survey, where a return site visit would be called for if the needs change.

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