custom made wall target

Our basic services are the provision of measurements and an analysis of that data. This may involve the production of plans, drawings, digital models or reports to suit the project being undertaken. A brief descripton of some more common types of work undertaken can be found in the sections listed.

Our strength is in tackling those projects which are out of the ordinary and for which no obvious solution exists. Quite often these may not be conventional survey problems: perhaps it might be investigating why items on a production line skew as they travel over the conveyor system.

monitoring ground

Sometimes the solution involves making specialist items of equipment to aid the survey and to enable precise repeatability of observations. We have been doing this for over 30 years and have a store room full of accessories to prove it! Some of these items are stored so we can recreate the original survey methods if required; others are utilised for similar projects as they occur.

With the increasing use of Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) for survey work, there has been much discussion on the accuracies obtainable. The design of flight configuration and the ground control used has a significant effect on the results and we have been involved in investigations to determine the most appropriate parameters. Investigation of vegetation effects on the results has also proved to be interesting.

One thing is common to all our services: we will have considered your requirements with great care and tailored our product to meet your needs. It may be that your request could lead to a solution which is not the best answer and in that case we will discuss the matter and suggest alternatives, rather than just go ahead and produce a product which ultimately proves to be unsuitable.