In The Swim

Underwater measuring is never easy, especially if you need high accuracy and the item you are measuring moves. Moveable booms in swimming pools are a bit like icebergs: nine tenths of their bulk is underwater. Compeitition requirements mean that BOTH the maximum and minimum length of each lane have to comply with the regulations, so just putting a spirit level down the face isn't enough. SCS have developed a special target which not only copes with variations to the face of booms and tiled walls, but also makes allowance for the timing pads before they have been installed.

The illustration shows the target in action, measurments being taken from a calibrated total station set up at the near end of the pool. This type of work is a good way of wearing out the knees to your trousers: three boom positions, two ends, 10 lanes for each set-up, all the humidity of a tropical jungle and not even the offer of a free ticket for the finals!

certifying swimming pool length