Even if you do not feel the need for a formal specification, providing enough information as to what is required is always useful. It is not unknown for us to receive a request of the form "Please quote for surveying the area marked in red", along with a black and white plan!

As a minimum, we need to know the boundary of the area, separately marking any areas beyond which are also required and the scale at which the survey is needed. Knowing how much detail to show is also helpful; so is knowing how you wish the results to be presented.

Please download the sample specification sheet. As a bare minimum specification, this should ensure that most of what you need is provided for, in a form which can be used both by yourself and by other professionals working with you. It is, of course, better if you can provide a more detailed specification geared to your specific project.

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pdf (13kB) Short specification 29th June 2010
pdf (13kB) Monitoring criteria 17th July 2010