The terms Accuracy and Precision probably cause more confusion than any other two terms. Precision is the ability to reproduce the same result (even if it is wrong) whilst Accuracy is the ability to get near the true result.

Fundamentally, as a measurement science/art, survey revolves around the concepts of accuracy and precision and the downloads in this section are intended to provide some simple basic guidance.

Accuracies and precisions provide guidance on what can easily be achieved and how best to determine what is needed, within the budget available.

Methods of Survey explains how different forms of survey affect the accuracy obtained. The effect on the end product is also considered. Again, there are cost implications.

Absolutely relative considers the nature of knowing where you are and whether it is relevant to be absolutely certain or relatively unimportant.

The following are available for download.

Download Content Updated
pdf (13kB) Accuracies and precisions 29th June 2010
pdf (22kB) Methods of survey 5th July 2010
pdf (8kB) Absolutely relative 29th June 2010
pdf (20kB) OS accuracies 30th June 2010