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Established in 1978, Survey Control Services provides innovative solutions to intractable problems. Based in the North-East of England, but with customers throughout Great Britain, the business works within an ISO9001 Quality System. Certified by BSI since 1991, the business was one of the first land survey companies to achieve this recognition.

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The majority of our work is carried out using in-house expertise and equipment: for certain technical aspects such as flying we work with regular partners to provide the additional facilities, within our overall control. This way we can tailor the project to best suit the customer requirement, using outside expertise when necessary, while maintaining full knowledge of the end product content.

From swimming pool certification surveys through to the monitoring of structure movements, quarry volumes through Enterprise Zones to small plots of land: over the years we have met and solved most of the problems your project is likely to meet.

If your requirement is beyond our resources we will tell you, rather than attempting to carry it out without a realistic chance of meeting your needs. We may be able to suggest an alternative and more economic way of arriving at the result you require. Problem resolution has always been a key part of the service we offer.

Chartered land surveyors Members of TSA BSI registered since 1991

“Chartered land surveyors based in the north east of England”